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NG, Willde


Born in Fujian, Willde Ng 吳文芳, a multiple award-winning creative director in advertising, is a man bursting with renewed energy. Three years after his graduation from Canada in 1981 Willde was invited by JWT Hong Kong as creative director. He was also the first Chinese at that time to assume an executive creative directive role in an international 4A advertising company. During his tenure, he has transformed JWT to become the “Creative Agency of the Year” for four consecutive years and won the Hong Kong 4A Golden Sail Award twice.

In about every ten years, Willde is destined to make life transformation, taking himself to a new course of direction. He left JWT in 1992 and founded “Another Film Studio”, becoming a reputed advertising film director - whose studio also won the Hong Kong 4A Golden Sail Award twice. In 2006, Willde founded thinkingwithoutthinking limited, a people-oriented corporate communications consulting company, to organize thinking, formulate strategies and implement plans for multiple projects. In 2011 Willde was honored as one of the “Nine Legends Who Shaped Asia’s Creative Industry in 25 Years” by Campaign Magazine (Asia Pacific Edition) in recognition of his outstanding creative talents.

Endowed with strong passion in life, Willde, after spending a year in hospitalisation, surviving himself from sudden health attack, embarked on a new attempt in 2012 – he created a unique ‘40hours’ concept to raise awareness of travel culture. He believes the world belongs to everyone living on the earth, we should all protect our irreplaceable and the only planet. His first travel literature 所以我旅遊 (mccm creations) was published in 2016 and its Chinese simplified edition with a different title 不 假思索 貪看天下 was subsequently published in the following year.