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Theadora  enjoys both picture book illustration as well as developing her own  gallery artwork. She is a graduate of MA in Children’s Book Illustration  from the prestigious Cambridge School of Art. She also has degrees  in both theology and law, and worked a while as a barrister in London  and in Beijing before the art of illustration beckoned her to make a  radical change in her life path.

An  exciting blend of all things East and West has become  a main stimulus  behind Theadora’s artwork, particularly alongside her fascination with  the symbolic role of pre-scientific beliefs in contemporary societies. Her  appreciation of the importance of biodiversity has also been a driving  force behind her three picture books published in Hong Kong, written  specifically for children here. Two of these, The Sand Turtle and The Mermaid and The Pink Dolphin  both published by MCCM Creations, were endorsed by WWF (Hong Kong). She  has visited most of the international schools in Hong Kong  with these  stories.

A permanent Hong Kong resident, Theadora holds both British and Australian citizenships. She has exhibited her artworks in Hong Kong, Beijing and the UK.