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LAU, Gukzik


Artist and educator, Gukzik Lau (pen-name ‘collecting colors’) was born in Hong Kong. Having graduated from the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in 1976, Gukzik later received a scholarship from the British Council to study at the Royal College of Art, where she graduated with a Master's

Degree (Distinction) in 1990.


She likes creating prints with modern printing machines such as the colour photocopier, offset machine, fax machine, and digital inkjet, as well as fusing her creations with free-hand drawing and painting to produce two-dimensional artworks. Her art embraces emotional and social concerns, sometimes with words creating poetic imagery.


Gukzik believes in the Buddhist notion that “you are what you think, act and behave, in the past and also at present”. Imbued with a belief that creativity has a purpose — a hope “to improve” — she believes creativity is beneficial to oneself and society, and the more you understand yourself, the more creative you will be. Gukzik has taught at universities in Hong Kong for the past twenty years. She now lives in Hong Kong, focusing on her art making and art education research. According to Gukzik, to teach and to create is to share this wonderful adventurous thing called ‘creativity’.


習畫於加拿大多倫多安大畧藝術學院、英國倫敦皇家美術學院。掬色的作品 使用各手繪的圖象和文字融合其中,創製出兩維的藝術作品。其中創作路向多元,有社會的觀察、批判與關懷,亦有繪畫美學上純粹的探討,對文學藝術深情的愛好。





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