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LIANG, Evelyna

For the past 40 years, Evelyna Liang, Artist, Art Educator and Community Art facilitator has been feverishly pushing forward Community Art in Hong Kong, China and Asia, using Art to help needy and underprivileged communities. She founded the “Art in the Camp” project in the late 80s, bringing all sorts of art activities to the Vietnamese detention Camp, providing proper Art Education for the Vietnamese Camp children, and enlightening the depressive situation of the prison like camp with arts and color. In the early 90s, Evelyna founded the “Art in Hospital” in Hong Kong initiative, and spearheaded the idea of Art and Health in all communities. It's not just the hospital walls that are transformed into happy and colorful murals, ”Art in Hospital” also organizes different levels of therapeutic arts projects to close the relationship between health care personnel, social services, staff, patients and artists alike. She then founded “Art for All” in 2002, a charitable Community Art organization, which aims to use Art to empower all, for a better, harmonious inclusive society, to respect oneself and for all.


Recently she has helped develop arts programmes in various migrant workers' children's schools in Beijing, China. She has also trained up social and community workers to employ arts as part of community development. For the past year, Evelyna has used her skills in therapeutic expressive art form to help sooth the mind, body and soul of a battered society in the aftermath of the Sichuan earthquake in China.


Evelyna has exhibited extensively around Hong Kong and Asia, In her own personal work she mostly addresses women issues. Her interest has extended into the area of ‘Healing through Art’ using ordinary daily objects to raise concerns about the relationship between countries and between communities.

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