BEYOND  |  a series of 18 works by LI Wei-han,海闊天空

28 pages

Full-colour. Hardboard cover

24 detachable postcards

130mm (H) x 200mm (W)

English & Chinese

ISBN 978-988-74207-1-2


BEYOND | a series of 18 works by LI Wei-han,海闊天空

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  • BEYOND  |  a series of 18 works by LI Wei-han, Rosanna (24 postcards set)

    海闊天空  |  李慧嫻18組作品 | 24 張名信片冊子

    LI Wei-han, Rosanna   李慧嫻 著

    edited by Kristy Fong, Madeleine Slavick 方俞、思維諾 編


    This set of 24 Postcard Book along with another 4 individual postcards are published as a memento to the exhibition “Beyond” in “Classics Remix – The Hong Kong Viewpoint” at Hong Kong Museum of Art, November 2019 - October 2020.. In "Beyond", the artist has captured the spirit of Hong Kong culture in her own insightful and heartfelt way. Rediscover the delightful details in Rosanna's work through this set of 24 postcards; each accompanied by the story behind each work. Preface by Clara Choi, essay by Lilian Chen and Rosanna Li's bio complete this charming little book. The postcards are easily detachable without leaving stubborn residue. Send them to friends to share the thoughtful witticism of Rosan's work, or display them in your own space to enjoy!

    “I love reading Hong Kong street names guide. All those streets, roads, alleys, terraces, lanes, squares…always get me thinking and imagining. When on a bus and get caught in traffic jam, I take my time to ‘travel with my eyes” – looking at people, shops, and street names – I seem to see Vincent Van Gogh standing outside ‘Dutch Desserts’ on Holland Street in Kennedy Town. Mr Nobody working hard for a living on Power Street in North Point, and renowned Peking Opera Master Mei Lanfang enjoying ‘Yuanyang’ at Lan Fong Café on Lan Fong Road in Causeway Bay! What scenery would it make when these ‘settings’ are placed against the waterfront of the Victoria Harbour?

    Whether inside or outside, it’s the same sky above us all. One window one world whatever the scenario, those who could take a step back would find the sea and sky more open and boundless."


    《海闊天空》 明信片册子內有24張精選明信片,文章分別由文化工作者蔡貞停及陳嵐撰寫。

    李慧嫻的新系列還是一衆「肥佬、肥婆」的故事,而故事的背景也是她最鍾愛的香港社區、香港街道。李慧嫻常帶着慧 眼和童心,遊走於香港街頭巷尾、別人不在意的一角,都可 能為她帶來創作靈感。她自己説:「近日愛讀香港街道名册。那些街、道、巷、台、里、坊......總引起我的遐想。每 次乘坐巴士,都喜歡爬上上層,坐在窗旁。遇上塞車,就 『帶着眼睛去旅行』— 看人、看鋪、看街名。」她愛煞廣東話,更愛香港人的生活日常和俏皮的生命力,上街總在她的小本子上塗塗寫寫,探索運用何種形式最能把這些表現在自己的作品中。