Author: Edited by Gregg Li, Charles Foley, & Alfred Ho
Description: 312 pages. B/W. Softback. English
Product code: ISBN 978-988-97610-4-1
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    edited by Gregg Li, Charles Foley, & Alfred Ho

    contribution by Gordian Gaeta, Robert Tricker, Carol Yip, & Artie Ng


    The CEO's job is the most difficult. To lead the company to compete and win, one must assess the competitive environment and quickly develop and implement the corresponding actions to counter. Speed is of the essence. Organizations that move like a Jaguar, win. In a fast-paced but chaotic business environment, organizations cannot be like an elephant.

    In the West, CEOs have often been able to deliver his organization's mission not alone, but with staff... and for the successful few, by seeking the assistance from and building on intellectual partnership with an army of professional independent management consultants.

    CEOs in China need not fight the war alone. A few have not. With the world now at China's doorstep, the CEOs cannot afford to. Many CEOs in the past have relied on themselves or at best individual advisers for such support. The modern CEOs today in China have, and do leverage on the strengths and valuable ideas that professional management consultants have brought.
    Management consultants, like anything else, can bring tremendous amount of improvement or offer the minimal amount of value. Some CEOs were succeeding; some failing miserably. Written by seasoned international professional consultants, the reader will learn the methodologies, practices, and pitfalls that winning international CEOs have employed in selecting, leveraging, and working with practical and action-orientated brainpower that an army of international management consultants have brought to bear.
    From Elephant to Jaguar is an indispensable guide book for both CEOs and executives who either have or don't have experience working with Management Consultants. This is the first book ever written to answer all questions on when you need Management Consultants, what you have to know about identifying the right and genuine Management Consulting expertise to suit your needs and how to work with them as a partner to enhance your business competitiveness in China.

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