Author: Paul Allams and Marie Marchand
Illustrator: Eddie Chau
Description: 32 pages. Watercolour illustrations. Hardback. English
Product code: ISBN 978-988-98653-0-0
Size: 240 mm (H) x 300 mm (W)
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    written by Paul Allams and Marie Marchand

    illustrated by Eddie Chau


    “Where are we going to live?” “Do I have to leave my friends?” “What about my dog?”These are just some of the questions asked by children faced with moving away from home to another country. Narrated through the eyes of a child called Sam, this story deals with saying goodbye to the familiar and taking a step out into the unknown. New friends are treasures that may seem hard to find but often the best ones are those who come together to share ADVENTURES.

    Home From Home is co-authored by Marie Marchand and Paul Allams who have taught all over the world and encountered many children in the same situation as Sam. Eddie Chau is an Indonesian-born Chinese who loved to paint as a child. His rural landscapes and urban cityscapes of Hong Kong can be found in many homes in Hong Kong. Marie, Paul and Eddie have resided in Hong Kong for over 14 years.