Author: William Lim
Description: 96 pages. B/W and colour photos. Softback. Full-colour. Hardback. Bilingual (Chinese & English)
Product code: ISBN 978-962-86816-0-5
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  • INTO THE LANTERN 大燈籠・小生命

    William Lim


    Interior-architect William Lim and his 100-odd designer, engineer and construction worker team, over 10 non-stop days and nights despite typhoons and rain, raced to transform Victoria Park's football field into a celestial, serene, and luminous landscape with the lantern centrepiece as a tribute to the Mid-Autumn festival in Hong Kong. Probably the largest ever built lantern in the world, now submitted to the Guinness World Records, this photo album documents the birth of a design idea to the erection of this 35-metre diameter and 15-metre tall lantern, and its completion before the festival day, to the final moment of dismantling the lantern. Using 90 Chinese bamboo and 10 steel supports held together by steel cables, 30 computerised multi-colored lights on a multi-media show, together with 38 multi-colored giant goldfish, glowing lotus flowers and lilies, this lantern project wonderfully married modern architectural technology with Chinese festive cultural elements. Proceeds from the book will be donated to SARS victims and children's charity funds.