Author: edited by Leung Ping-kwan, Andrea Riemenschnitter
Description: 272 pages. 18 B/W illustrations. Softback. Bilingual (English & Chinese)
Product code: ISBN 978-988-18583-1-3
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    edited by Leung Ping-kwan, Andrea Riemenschnitter


    The Alps have always been the prime icon of Swissness. Often idealized or aestheticized, this world of high peaks shrouded in clouds, of dark forests and verdant flower-studded meadows, of wild animals and isolated chalets with their rugged peasants and cows and goats has generated a wealth of local myths and legends. In the past the mountains were still the haunt of spirits and demons. With today’s urbanization the Alpine world is perceived in different ways – as a sublime, unspoiled world of beauty, purity and innocence, the realm of freedom, a field of energy and mysticism; as a link to one’s true nature, to one’s childhood; or as a place of long winters, loneliness, depression, but also purity and redemption.

    Collected by Swiss students of Chinese at the University of Zurich as a pendant to their study of the ghost world in modern Chinese films, the seventy-five legends published in this collection entertainingly reveal the fascinating co-existence of the real and the imaginary in the Swiss Alpine world.
    阿爾卑斯山總予人「非常瑞士」的感覺。在這個經常被美化、典型化的國度,山峰雲朵繚繞,樹林陰森森的,青翠的草地裝點著野花;這兒有各種野獸,也有孤零零的農舍,住著粗獷的農夫和成群的牛羊──無數的本土神話和傳說,就在這種環境中孕育 出來。昔日,還傳聞神祇和鬼魅會在山中出沒呢。今天,阿爾卑斯山開始城市化了,但人們卻以不同的方式去理解它,諸如:崇高感;原始的美麗、純樸和天真;自 由奔放;活力與詭秘;連結著人的本性、靈魂與童年回憶;漫長的冬天、孤獨、壓抑、大自然的寂寥、純潔和救贖……

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