Author: Michael Holland
Description: 78 pages. B/W illustrations. Softback. English
Product code: ISBN 978-988-99842-0-5
Size: 250 mm (H) x 145 mm (W)
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    Michael Holland


    We are all subject to the myth of the body: two legs, two arms and a head, and somehow we’re all similar. But human memory and psychophysiology ensure that we remain unsettlingly different from each other. In emphasizing the how of experience, Michael Holland’s poems and designs in Metaflora allow fresh ways of seeing ourselves and others. Each poem of Metaflora is accompanied by a special design that offers insight into evolving ideas. Here various kinds of amendment, reflection and association are gathered into the equivalent of film clips glimpsing words before they settled in poetry’s neater lines. Metaflora is Michael’s first collection of verse.