Author: Sin Sin Man
Description: 140 pages. Full-colour. Hardcover with fabric.English
Product code: ISBN 978-988-18584-0-5
Size: 210 mm (H) x 145 mm (W)
Weight: 0.30kg


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    Sin Sin Man


    Ten Years After is a celebration as well as a documentation of Sin Sin's devotions in Asian art for the past years in Hong Kong. Sin Sin believes coincidence is a bridge to connect reality and one's unconscious mind. Ten Years After documents Sin Sin's art journey, sharing the story of how she established the gallery, which was actually inspired by a coincidence ten years ago.

    Together with Sin Sin, the book is edited by curator-writer Yang Yeung with the foreword written by art historian Valerie C. Doran. It illustrates and records the artworks and creative process of 31 local and overseas artists which have also become Sin Sin's good friends. Given the theme of 'Art Cabinets', artists from different disciplines created cabinets with their own interpretations in different art forms to symbolize the strong creative bond that Sin Sin has made with these artists over the past ten years.

    This book is published on the occasion of the group exhibition "10 Years After" curated by Sin Sin.

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