Author: Sonia Wong
Description: 76+56 pages. Duo-colour. Softback. English & Chinese
Product code: ISBN 978-1-13114-9-8
Size: 190 mm (H) x 120 mm (W)
Weight: 0.20kg

UNSEEMINGLY LASTING - a set of two books

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    poems by Sonia Wong 黃鈺螢

    art by Vincy Chan 陳韞


    A set of two books. 32 Chinese poems and 28 English poems by a young Hong Kong poet documenting pain, and other small senses of inconsequence.


    "If i can’t talk about things painful and unpainful, i must therefore write. this is what youth has taught me. if there is a flicker, a faint touch, one must commit it to paper: one can only write. and so i write.

    about all feelings, thoughts, experiences, senses, things significant and insignificant. if they are all real, they are all of consequence.


    I am not someone used to writing, yet it has been only through writing that i have discovered the fissures and disturbances between memory and sense – miniscule things that refuse to be framed by the toolboxes of our mundane language. if only language could distribute pain... the small breaths, murmurs, and moans that scream of the senses that precede language.


    As for poetry, that came much later."

    ﹣Sonia Wong










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