Author: Liu WaitongDescription: 184 pages. B/W. Softback. 41 poems in English & Chinese
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    poems by Liu Waitong 廖偉棠

    translated from the Chinese by Enoch Yee-lok TamDesmond ShamAudrey HeijnsChan Lai-kuen and Cao Shuying


    Liu Waitong emigrated to Hong Kong in 1997. In early 2000s, he moved to Beijing for several years before returning to Hong Kong. Within these peripatetic movements he has simultaneously become “of Hong Kong,”while maintaining a vestige of “the other.”


    Much of his writing is dimly lit, blurred by train lines and the elements. Within these settings, he grasps for concepts to ground what is both fleeting and hazily drawn through various eras. More so than the shifting space of national boundaries, Waitong’s poetry is unsettled by past times, never wholly comfortable in the now. His is a constant struggle to remember without allowing nostalgia to enter and completely obscure the lines.


    Wandering Hong Kong with Spirits is one of the first publications in the Hong Kong Atlas series. Hong Kong Atlas is an important first step in expanding the English-language canon with a range of Hong Kong voices. By drawing on literature, translation and creative culture as a way of remapping a global city, the Atlas project offers alternative histories to Hong Kong through its own literature.


    The book also won the Publishing Award in the Literature and Fiction Category at the Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards in 2017.


    詩人廖偉棠,1997年移居香港,後曾旅居北京數年,復又回港,徘徊於香港人與他者的身份之間。 大部分寫作均呈昏暗,火車的路線與流動的元素繪畫出模糊的光影。在這樣的場景之中,文字總帶著跨時空的轉瞬即逝之意與朦朧之像。其詩作游移於國界之間,無法安於往日,卻又無從安於當下,總是不斷奮力記著,不容懷愁生起並完全掩蓋曾走過的軌跡。


    《和幽靈一起的香港漫遊》收錄香港作家廖偉棠的四十一首英譯詩作,中英雙語,是 Hong Kong Atlas 香港文學英譯系列中的其一出版書籍,為首批以文學翻譯在國際文化地圖上記下香港足跡的著作。



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