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One of the joys of living is venturing into the endless possibilities of creativity.


We all have gifts. When we are using them, we're at our best - and we feel most fulfilled. 


We live in an age where people can move freely across boundaries of regions and exercise their thoughts through virtual space. These criss-cross experiences often produce surprises and open up new horizons for thoughts and ideas.

Since entering the world of book publishing in 2001, MCCM’s aspirations have remained consistent to bring readers original and inspiring books from authors and designers who share a passion for books as objects, as well as a strong desire for exploring hybrid concepts.

MCCM titles are about the visualisation of experiences, stories and perceptions through the printed word, images and sound. We live in an age where people move freely across boundaries and inhabit areas of virtual space that intertwine to create new concepts and ways of living. These cross-disciplinary realities are at the core of MCCM fusing illustration, visual art, design, architecture, photography, socio-culture, and literature. Diversified as they are, our titles have ‘crossover’ appeals to different age groups and interest groups.

MCCM titles have a strong cultural slant that falls into two broad categories: visual culture books related to architecture, art, and design in Hong Kong and neighbouring regions, and illustrated fiction and picture books for children and young adults with the aim of nurturing intellectual and aesthetic development beyond the regular school syllabus. A majority of our titles are published in English or in bilingual (Chinese-English) editions.

In January 2009 MCCM Creations was invited by Hong Kong Arts Centre to operate THEBOOKSHOP on location. We ran the bookshop for five and a half years before moving to PMQ, the former Police Married Quarters, for a temporary 5-month pop-up.

After running numerous literary arts events over years, in October 2013, we formally registered an NGO cultural platform – STORY – to continue our sense of obligation for cultural preservation. MCCM is the publishing arm of this cultural resource.

In November 2019 we were invited to set up THEBOOKSHOP at the Hong Kong Museum of Art in parallel with its reopening (after 3 years museum closure for renovation). The mission of our bookshop is to bring to hope and beauty to museum visitors who still believe what books and art can offer. The bookshop carries a unique curation of English and Chinese books on fine art, visual culture, urban and design living as well as picture books of fine illustration for children and adults alike. It also offers a selected collection of original and affordable ink art, pottery works, paper art and prints. We believe literary activities and sketching workshops are complementary to learning and appreciation, hence, regular events were organised for public participation.

MCCM Creations,香港出版社,2001年成立,出版範疇包括視覺文 化、建築、設計、藝術、詩歌及繪本。出版社相信書的製作不止於 文字和圖像,它是一個整合想像、意念、情感、經驗和工藝的創造 過程;每本書更是作者、編輯和平面設計師的結緣。

跨體裁、雙語/多種語言是 MCCM 出版物的特色,正如出版社身處的 城市香港一樣,繁雜而多元。MCCM 的作者有部分是土生土長的香港 人,也有在香港生活了二、三十年的「老外」,他們在自己的專業 領域和生活中累積經驗與知識,無形地支撐着城市文化的滋長,讀者往往可以從他們的書中找到各種閱讀城市的獨特視野和方法。

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our beliefs

Books reflect the soul of a city


Books are powerful catalysts to a cultured living


Publishing is a process of dialogues with people from different backgrounds

The making of a book is a process of synthesizing, sensibility, experience, skills and techniques








volunteering & internship

We welcome young individuals who have passion in reading, writing and design to join us as interns. We are also looking for volunteers to help out in non-profit making activities and events. Contact us via

我們歡迎對閱讀、寫作和設計有熱情的年輕人作為實習生加入我們。我們也正在尋找義工來幫助參與舉辦非盈利活動。電郵至 聯繫我們

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