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A writer/illustrator, a musician and a theatrical performer, peter is co-founder with Kung Chi Shing of ‘the box’, a Hong Kong theatrical music ensemble, and has worked as musician/composer, set designer and narrator for dance and theatre companies. He performed four one-man plays in Hong Kong in the 90s. The fifth in the series will happen in Cardiff and Hong Kong in 2011. He is the author/illustrator of the Tik and Tok books, and the illustrator of several Folio Society volumes. Long a resident in Hong Kong, he now lives in England where he performs his music with The Vaguely Stoat-like Intermediates, and speaks on illustration, art and the cosmos.

作家/插畫家、音樂家和戲劇表演者,彼得與香港戲劇樂團“盒子”的龔志成聯合創始人,曾擔任音樂家/作曲家、佈景設計師和舞蹈和戲劇解說員,他是 Tik 和 Tok 書籍的作者/插畫家,以及多部 Folio Society 的插畫家。長期居住在香港,現居英國,在那裡他與 The Vaguely Stoat-like Intermediates 一起表演他的音樂,並發表演講插圖、藝術和宇宙。 
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