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Dr C. C. WAI, Rosman


Lecturer in the Architectural Conservation Programmes, Faculty of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. She is a registered architect and has worked in the Housing Department for many years. She furthered her Master degree studies in architectural conservation (with Distinction), and Doctor of Philosophy studies in The University of Hong Kong. Her research interest is on public housing, and relating to the topic, she has published many articles and has been interviewed by various newspapers, television and radio stations as well as given talks and lectures in many local and international conferences and universities.

Her book Design DNA of Mark I: Hong Kong Public Housing Prototype won THE BEST ARCHITECTURAL BOOKS AWARD 2020 at the 12th International DAM Architectural Book Award jointly initiated and presented by The Frankfurt Book Fair and the Deutsches Architekturmuseum (DAM).

 衞翠芷博士現任香港大學建築學院建築保育學部講師。她是一名註冊建築師,曾在房屋署工作多年;並在 香港大學進修,取得建築文物保護碩士(優異等)和哲學博士學位。她的研究興趣在於公營房屋,就此課題 曾 發 表 多 篇 文 章,並 獲 邀 接 受 報 章、電 視 和 電 台 訪 問,以 及 於 許 多 本 地、國 際 會 議 和 大 學 演 講。