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Jürgen Krusche is a cultural scientist and artist. He has conducted several research projects at ZHdK and ETH Zurich in the area of urban studies, with an emphasis on public spaces from a cross cultural perspective between Europe, Mainland China and Japan. He has worked and exhibited as an artist since 1990, and lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland, and Hanover, Germany. Since 2011, Krusche has been head of the research programme PUBLIC CITY at the Institute for Contemporary Art Research (IFCAR) at ZHdK. From 2007 to 2011, he undertook the research project: Taking to the Streets at the Faculty of Architecture, ETH Zurich. Prior to this, he held a research post at the Institute for Critical Theory (ITH) at ZHdK (2001-2006). He is currently directing the research project: The Fragmented City. Processes and Strategies of Exclusion and Their Impact on Public Spaces, financed by Swiss National Science Foundation (SNF).