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LO, Yin Shan & McHUGH, Anthony


Lo Yin Shan, simply called Lo, sees herself as a dogsbody wandering between (pop or not pop) culture and media, who once lived on Lantau for almost twelve years (1990-91 and then 1993-2004), to finally become a self-outcast in between the seams of Hong Kong and Beijing.


Anthony McHugh, a Mancunian and a 100% Manchester United fan, who has been living on Lantau Island since the early 90s. From a freelance photographer of 4A advertising companies to a eco-furniture maker with recycled wood, a food stylist to a cook, all have become his enduring passions. 

Anthony McHugh,來自曼徹斯特,百分百曼聯 球迷,自九十年代初居住大嶼山至今。從廣告公司自由攝影師到再用木環保傢具木匠,由食物攝影造型師到廚師,都一絲不苟地鍾愛