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Xi Xi 西西

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Xi Xi, pseudonym of Cheung Yin, is one of Hong Kong’s most beloved and prolific authors. Born in Shanghai in 1938, she moved to Hong Kong in 1950 and is among the first generation of writers to have grown up in the territory. 

She began writing in the late 1950s and has published two poetry volumes, seven novels, twenty-one short story and essay collections, and one stand-alone novella, in addition to numerous newspaper and magazine columns, film theory and criticism, art criticism, and screenplays. After winning Taiwan’s prestigious United Daily fiction prize in 1983 for her short story “A Woman Like Me,” her fame catapulted throughout the Chinese-speaking world, where she has continued to cultivate an enthusiastic readership. 

She was named the Writer of the Year for the 2011 Hong Kong Book Fair and is the recipient of Taiwan’s 2014 Hsing Yun Global Chinese Literary Award. Her most recent works include the novel My Georgia (2008) and the award-winning essay and photograph collections Records of Stitched Bears (2009) and Records of Apes and Monkeys(2011). Her literary career is the subject of Fruit Chan’s 2015 documentary film My City.

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