Yeung Tong Lung 楊東龍

Yeung Tong Lung, was born in 1956 in Fujian, China and moved to Hong Kong in 1973. He held his first solo exhibition in mid-1980s, and continues to exhibit jointly with his contemporaries. Together with the other artist friends, he co-founded Quart Society, an alternative art space, in 1991. Collectors include the Hong Kong Art Museum, the M+, and a growing number of private collectors including the DSL Collection (Sylvain & Dominique Levy), Paris.

楊東龍生於1956年中國福建,1973年移居香港。1980年代中開始展出作品,一直活躍至今。1991年與一眾藝術友人創辦另類藝術空間 Quart Society。他的畫作為香港藝術館、M+博物館及私人所收藏。

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