Author: Frank Vigneron
Description: 44 pages. Drawings in accordian-folds. Each side measuring 4200mm long. 2 volumes in box set
Product code: ISBN 978-988-99843-1-1
Size: 300 mm (H) x 120 mm (W)
Weight: 1.35kg


SKU: sku_551ccf2ec4785_1427951406

    Frank Vigneron


    A series that began in Paris in 1984, the drawings are all completed using a technical pen on paper, but have been shown in many different forms — as paintings on a wall, in large-scale installations, videos and books. All share the same basic idea of lines interacting in an ongoing process, a process that will only stop with the death of its maker. Le Songe Creux — Codex brings this process into a Chinese ‘butterfly’ book format: a more portable version (half-size) of a large-scale drawing. The two books, accordion- and scroll-like, measure 4200mm long on each side. The open space accords with the artist’s ideas of process and continuity much more than the constantly interrupted division of pages of a typical modern book.

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