Author: Antonio Mak
Editor: Susan Fong
Description: 664 pages. Full colour. Hardboard cover. English & Chinese
Product code: ISBN 978-988-77239-0-5
Size: 180mm (H) x 135mm (W)
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Standart -- The Collected Drawings of Antonio Mak

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    edited by Susan Fong


    One of Hong Kong’s most vital artists, Antonio Mak Hin-yeung (1951-1994) left behind a rich body of sculptural work, as well as an extensive archive of drawings, preparatory sketches, and hand-written notes. Despite his artistic achievements and influence on generations of Hong Kong artists, little has been written about Mak. Standart: The Collected Drawings of Antonio Mak Hin-yeung features more than 500 drawings, collages, and notes by the artist from the 1960s to 1990s. This work is a comprehensive guide to Mak’s art and a window onto the ecology of contemporary Hong Kong art and culture. Personal and art historical essays by Valerie Doran, Eliza Lai, Leong Ka Tai, Neco Lo Che-ying, Christopher Mattison, and Blues Wong provide a critical apparatus for understanding the relationship between Mak, his drawings and the bronze sculptures that he was celebrated for during his life.


    再次,尋找麥顯揚 (1951–1994)。雕塑家麥顯揚因癌病去世後十四年,即2008 年,香港藝術館辦了一個名為《尋找麥顯揚》的回顧展。2018 年6 月,Para Site 藝術空間將其活動室命名為「麥顯揚教育空間」。即使藝術造詣深厚並影響了香港不同年代的藝術家,麥顯揚對大眾來說仍是神秘的,因為坊間關於他的著作不多。本書載有麥顯揚由60年代至90年代留下的逾500張繪畫、拼貼和筆記,成為更多人認識麥顯揚的起點,也側寫八十、九十年代的香港文化藝術氛圍。

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