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Andrea Riemenschnitter is Professor of Modern Chinese Language and Literature at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. Her research interests focus on regionalist, ethnographic and historical fiction, as well as theatre, travel literature, and film and media studies. Her publications include a monograph on Ming literary cosmographies: China zwischen Himmel und Erde: Literarische Kosmographie und nationale Krise im 17. Jahrhundert (1998), a co-authored translation of Gao Xingjian’s dramatological writing, Gao Xingjian: Nachtliche Wanderung (2000), an edited volume on aesthetic transnationalism, Diasporic Histories: Archives of Chinese Transnationalism (with Deborah L. Madsen, Hong Kong University Press, 2009) as well as chapters and articles on various aspects of modern Chinese cultural production. She is currently working on an analysis of aesthetic re-enactments of myths and mythologies from the late Qing through the post-Maoist period.