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TAM, Enoch Yee-lok


Dr  Tam teaches courses on the histories of  film art and the creative and  media industries in East Asian context. He holds  a PhD in the Academy  of Film from Hong Kong Baptist University. Before joining  Lingnan  University, he was the Programme Director of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing for Film, Television and New Media, the  Academy  of Film, Hong Kong Baptist University (2016–2021).

His  research engages with film  historiography in the Chinese-language  film, Hong Kong film history and film  policy, and East Asia's creative  and media industry. Currently, he is working  on a book project  examining the development of Hong Kong’s independent film in  the  post-handover period. He has served as editor-in-chief of the  independent  academic publishing house Typesetter Publishing 手民, the online  film review platform Cinezen 映畫手民 and the online book review platform Paratext 微批.

He also engages in fictional and critical  writing. He published his first novel, The  Happy Times of Blackeye黑目的快樂時代, in 2011 and published his second collection of short stories, Therefore I sit down and listen to the tales  of H City told by Bartender M 於是我坐下,聽調酒師M說關於H城的傳說, in 2017.  He co-authored Indiescape Hong Kong: Critical  essays and Interviews 香港獨立電影圖景:訪問評論集 (Hong  Kong: Typesetter, 2018), a collection  of critical essays about local  independent films and interviews of independent  filmmakers. His other  critical writings on film and literature can be found in various  local  media outlets.