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Yeung Yang is an independent curator and writer. Her most recent curation was regarding lightness: On Life’s Way (2015) and Around sound art festival & retreat 2013. She regularly contributes to AM Post (Hong Kong) and her recent publications include Hong Kong/China Photographers Series 7 - Alfred Ko (2012), and Putting sensitivity in place – artist Phoebe Hui” and “Divided Attention — artist Samson Young in Hong Kong Artists, 20 Portraits (Eds. Cordelia and Christoph Noe, 2012). She is editor of Away from the Crowd - the art of Jaffa Lam (2013) and Pocket 2: say, Listen (2013). She founded soundpocket in 2008 and was awarded the ACC Fellowship in 2013. She is a member of the Art Appraisal Club and AICAHK and currently teaches classics at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.